The Benefits Of Using Las Vegas Real Estate Brokers


As a home buyer or home seller, you have the advantage of hiring an agent to lend guidance and protect your interests. Simply meeting with real estate brokers does not create this relationship. There is typically a document detailing the relationship, roles of real estate brokers, and your obligations. The following are facts on the benefits of using Las Vegas real estate brokers.

Real Estate Brokers Duties

Federal real estate law requires that real estate agents provide specific duties to their clients once they enter into an agency relationship.

Lawful Obedience

Agents must obey their clients' instructions, as long as the actions are lawful. For example, sometimes clients ask real estate agents to submit an offer with terms that the agent disagrees with. Real estate agents must abide by those instructions despite the differing opinions.

Monitoring of Funds

Real Estate Agents must accurately keep track of the transfer of any money pertaining to a home sale or purchase. This includes earnest monies given and the release of said deposits where applicable.


Agents will maintain the best interests of their clients ahead of any other individuals, themselves included. Commission, especially in multiple offer scenarios, should not be a factor and would otherwise be conflicting interests. Confidentiality is also an aspect of loyalty.


Real estate professionals have a reasonable training when it comes to real estate issues and on the home buying and selling procedures, but they do not have expertise in all real estate corresponding fields (such as legal issues). For information beyond their knowledge base, they will direct clients to appropriate resources.

Timely Action

Agents must complete tasks and comply with wishes in a timely manner. This could be crucial when multiple offers are present. This is also important once a property is under contract and must abide by certain deadlines.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Real estate agents are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. They must not reveal anything about your business, financial or private affairs, or motivations unless mandated by their clients or mandated by a court of law to do so. This fiduciary remains intact even after settlement.


All real estate agents must disclose all that they know about a home,...often called material facts. The responsibility to disclose also covers all facts that can affect decisions about a listing or affect negotiating strategy.

The Benefits Of Using Las Vegas Real Estate Brokers

Selecting a real estate agent has many advantages. In addition to what is listed above, real estate brokers have an even more important role of controlling interactions between parties. The home buying and selling process can be very complicated. Having the guidance of a person that will protect your best interests but is not emotionally involved will facilitate the process and lead to successful conclusions. This sums up the benefits of using Las Vegas real estate brokers. Contact Arina Hanciulesco at 702-212-2222 or for additional information.

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